Waitākere Urban Farm Feasibility Study

In collaboration with:

Healthy Families Waitākere, Elevate Planning

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Healthy Families Waitākere received grant funding from Auckland Council’s Regional Heritage and Environment fund to build on the work of the Waitematā urban farm feasibility study, and investigate the feasibility of establishing urban farms across a number of sites in the West Auckland local boards. This involved long and shortlisting sites from Henderson-Massey, Whau, and Waitākere local boards, which had potential to be permissible and under less zoning restrictions. 

We then collaborated with qualified planner Elevate Planning to produce a feasibility report on the site shortlist, which documented the complex regulations and overlays that restrict developing food-growing entities in urban areas. 

The research resulted in a recommendation of a next step spent exploring the legislative overlay of Open Space Zones, to create a pathway through this uncertainty for community kai growing, and investing in tools to support community gardens with the ability to produce kai.



Photo: Waikare Komene

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