Humanising Data: Bridging the Gap Between Numbers and Narrative

Place Creative's newest team member Elouise shares reflections on our method of data-gathering, and demonstrates how to take an empathy-led approach.

How To Make Good Decisions

Something we’re confronted with daily is how to make decisions with an uncertain outcome, so we’ve been on the lookout for a good example of this to pick apart and demonstrate the fundamentals of good decision-making. Luckily, there are useful examples everywhere of both good AND bad decision making. It’s easy to list elements of the bad, as well, but more useful to look at how the good gets done. 

Place Creative Directors Update

3 Ways Communities Can Work Smarter with Council

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to anything that could hinder a partnership between community and council, but from Place Creative’s experience, we’ve come up with three top tips to help set communities on a clearer pathway through the complexity.

The challenge for urban farming in Tāmaki Makaurau

Place Creative have been revisiting our urban farm feasibility study, which we presented our final report for in July. The successes of OMG and Kelmarna feeding urban communities, has brought positive attention to the concept of urban farming/agriculture, so the Waitematā local board and community advocates have been investigating setting up a new farm site, ideally in the city centre. 

Non-Instagrammable Reflections Pt. II, Your Streets, Your Future

Second up in our reflections series this week is Your Streets, Your Future, the Innovating Streets For People project in Māngere.

Looking Good, or Feeling Great? How Tactical Urbanism is more than meets the eye

Tactical urbanism is getting very trendy, with "parklets" and "popups" on everyone lips and everyone's Instagrams. But the most powerful stuff is un-photographable.

Don’t stop at the kerb: why Tactical Urbanism should pull infrastructure apart

Tactical urbanism is often perceived in terms of its outputs, wider kerbs, temporary crossings, polka-dot walkways – when in fact it’s a process, one that allows us to imagine how our neighbourhoods could be if they adapted to us.

A series of non-instagrammable reflections

This week we were getting ready to announce our second annual Non-Instagrammable Urbanism talk, where a series of speakers each present two of their best wins and two of their favourite fails in tactical urbanism.

Non-Instagrammable Reflections Pt. III, Karangahape Road

As Karangahape Road is such a vital third space to the Place Creative team, we turned our placemaking naus to the efforts helping its communities through the challenges of the last few years. On K Road, nothing is more controversial than a road cone!

Non-Instagrammable Reflections Pt. IV

We’ve written before about our involvement in the Thames Create The Vibe project for Innovating Streets, but from the finish line is a useful place to look back at what is in the ground now, and how it reflects the community coming together to do some future gazing for their town centre.

Urban Farming in the Waitematā

Towards the end of 2020, Auckland Council’s low-carbon team were funded by the Waitematā local board to undertake research into where and how a new urban farm could be established within the local board area.

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