Sandringham Tactical Urbanism + Placemaking Plan

In collaboration with:

Sandringham Project in Community Empowerment (SPiCE), PTM Consultants

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Sandringham Community board (SPiCE) undertook a place strategy process to design a programme for tactical and interim interventions in Sandringham village.

Place Creative supported SPiCE staff and volunteers with workshops to identify key areas of Sandringham to be addressed using interim and tactical interventions, and established values and priorities shared by stakeholders for the plan to be implemented as a community-wide collaboration.

The plan included a data-gathering campaign to build the voice of the local community, and its capacity to engage with local authorities. Recommendations for tactical interventions and timeframes were given, so that the SPiCE members knew exactly what their first steps would be.



Photo: Waikare Komene

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