What We do

Place creative navigates the complexities of local government and urban environments to create great places. From identifying opportunities, understanding community needs and aspirations, to writing design briefs and ensuring the rubbish gets collected from your temporary public space - we can make it happen. Our team can facilitate projects end-to-end or get on board where needed.


Place Activation

Unlock the potential of a place and strengthen community through events and activities.

We facilitate the process to identify activation opportunities alongside community partners; businesses, residents, artists, property developers, mana whenua etc, and support them to deliver. 

PROJECTS: Griffiths Gardens Pa Rongorongo Downtown Street Response


Creative Community Engagement

Undertake meaningful engagement to get perspectives from a wide range of people.

We work with clients to first understand who their stakeholders are and develop engagement strategies and methods which specifically target these groups. This could involve specific events which demonstrate the project vision, experiential engagement stands, video/digital media, facilitated workshops alongside more traditional methods such as newsletters, open days and project brochures.

PROJECTS: Downtown Engagement Pa Rongorongo


Tactical Urbanism

Quickly and cheaply trial changes to the built environment as a way inform future investment and engage stakeholders

We can facilitate the end to end implementation of tactical urbanism projects - scoping opportunities, understanding operation needs of a place, engaging stakeholders, writing briefs for specialists, sourcing materials, gaining correct regulatory permissions and undertaking full project evaluation and monitoring.

PROJECTS: Pancake Parklet Griffiths Gardens

Creative Responses to Construction

Use creative methods to mitigate the impacts of construction to ensure areas remain great places to work, live, visit or do business.

We work with contractors and project managers to understand construction site layouts, impacts and constraints and deliver creative hoardings, wayfinding signage, events and activities and temporary public spaces.

Downtown Street Response Griffiths Gardens Pa Rongorongo