What We Do.

From tactical urbanism, behaviour change campaigns, artworks on construction sites, supporting community-led responses to climate change, or simply getting the right people in a room to solve a problem, Place Creative connects people, spaces, organisations, and all the little bits in between, that enable places to thrive.

Place Strategy.

Know where you are going and why.

We work alongside you to set a clear direction for your place; articulating the vision, objectives, challenges, and opportunities, weaving together intricate elements into a strategy which is easy to digest and action.

Tactical Urbanism.

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper.

We facilitate projects which take an iterative approach to city building. Using small-scale interventions to demonstrate long term change, we bring communities along on the journey through a co-design approach, helping them reimagine our streets as places for people. We round off projects with a rigorous evaluation process which can build the basis for future business cases and investment.


Getting the right people together.

Whether you're seeking a creative eye, a delivery partner, or a community whisperer, we bring the right people to your place. We can navigate bureaucracy, and work with you to connect skills and talents with opportunities for enlivening places.

Place Activation.

Engaging Happenings.

We’re on the ground- with a specialist skill set that includes event management, logistics, production, imagination, and a touch of craft, we deliver fun and engaging happenings that bring people to your place. We carefully watch what happens when the right combination of people and place come together, and produce a thorough evaluation at the end of the process.

Stakeholder Engagement.

Facilitate Good Conversations.

We get to know everyone with a stake in the place, and facilitate good conversations that ensure community needs and desires are heard. We specialise in simplifying complex concepts and projects, and using creative techniques to communicate them.


Make people feel welcome.

We design systems that guide people safely through your place, enhance their understanding and experience of it, and ensure they feel welcome and included. This can involve streetscape interventions, like using creative infrastructure to guide the way people move, or a cohesive signage system on a construction site.

Spatial Design + Analysis.

Understanding Space.

We use our experience in spatial design and the knowledge of how people use places to analyse what's working, what's not and what can be improved. This work alongside community engagement then informs place strategies, approaches to wayfinding, place activation tactics and funding recommendations.

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